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samsung galaxy s8 blue moving box on lock screen

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my samsung galaxy s8 has a blue moving box on the lock screen and does not let me use my phone at all i cannot use the touch screen at all please help how to i get rid of this 

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Try using two fingers to scroll and double tap when you find what you want to click on

i found the universal switch on my Galaxy Tab A... it was already off... hitting the volume up and power at same time does nothing... this tab A is useless

Try the suggestions in my post (04-01-2019 01:26 PM)

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Just triggered this on my S9 this morning by accident, apparently just tapping, not holding, power+volume at same time up turns it on and off manually on my phone. May keep it on for now that's a better theft deterrent than anything else on the phone LOL!

if you can get to settings , wait for the blue box to hit where you need it then tap it . 

you may need to hard reset it if that doesn't work permanently, factory reset may be you're last option . when the red words come on the screen you can scroll down to reset . good luck . mine has stopped . turned off things that turn on my screen so when in my pocket not to hit a bunch of times and set it off again .

This didnt work for me on my Samsung galaxy S8+ but what unlocked it in the end was my alarm going off. The alarm seems to take over the phone and unlocks it when you x the alarm. So as a future fix Ive set my alarms to go off at certain times every day just in case it happens again.

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It did not work on the Samsung A6
Universal switch is enabled that is the cause of the blue box. Press the power button and volume up button together 2 - 3 rapidly to disable for the Samsung A6
thanks is works on my phone
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