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samsung galaxy s8 blue moving box on lock screen

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my samsung galaxy s8 has a blue moving box on the lock screen and does not let me use my phone at all i cannot use the touch screen at all please help how to i get rid of this 

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Hey Guys, 


Good News, I am able to get rid of this moving blue box on lock screen by enabling the Emergency mode and disabling it.


Here are the step to follow.

1. Wake up the screen by pressing the power button

2. Press and hold the Power button so that it shows the 3 options 

     a. Power off

     b. Restart

     c. Emergency Mode

3. When the moving blue box comes on the Emergency Mode tap on that blue box

4. It asks to enable the emergency mode. To enable you will have to press power button and volume up key both simultaneously.

5. You will see the Emergency Mode enalbing screen. Once it completes 100%, you will be able to operate it normally and you disable the embergency mode now by selecting the 3 dots on the right corner.

6. By doing this your phone will recover to the original state as it was earlier and you can use it. 

This did not help my boxes go away. I cannot do anything on my phone. It happened the other day and the technician couldn’t even help me but I did something to stop it myself but I don’t know what it was and right now I am charging it and it is showing the time like it usually does but if I touch it the boxes will start up again.  HELP!

I think I’m going to take my phone in and get a different one As I am also tired of this happening.

I dont know if this works for the S8 but on my S7 I was able to triple press the homebutton and it disabled it.


Omg you just saved my life

Omg you just saved my life
I have the same exact problem I need hep!!!!!!

Press the home button thrice(3 times) simultaniously.


plz help me.i have a samsung s9plus and the moving blue box and its noise is troubling me. plz help me solve it!!

i had switched the phone off so now its asking for password which i can't type due the blue box. i cannot open my phone.somewhen plz help me.Samsung plz do something .can i open my open externally or something?


Guys I have solved the blue box problem 100 % legit:

There is good news and bad news:

Good news: I have found a way to troubleshoot blue box problem.

Bad news:

If your phone already had the blue box issue: my solution is useless. My solution only  has instructions which if followed can solve this blue box problem when it occurs.

So, let's get to the solution: 

So on many Samsung phones especially after 2016: phones are having this blue box problem.there is no doubt it will happen to your Samsung phone once in a while(it will!). So if this happens I have a solution to troubleshoot this problem.Here it is:

Go to settings>>>display>>>screensaver and choose this option called "colors".also set the screen timeout to the lowest option.when this blue box problem happens: do not touch the screen,leave it until the screen goes blank.after 2 seconds after the screen goes blank,pink and blue colors will appear on the screen (this is because we chose the "color" option under display in settings. Tapping the screen now will get you out of this blue box problem.

If you have any other problem just ask me.



This happened to me this morning, I was pressing keys trying to silence the alarm and I guess I put it into this accessibility mode (called universal switch). I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ running Android 8 currently.


What I believe fixed it for me

  • I pressed the power + volume up key 3 times in a row quickly
    • I'm not sure if this is exactly what fixed it or what exactly. I was at such wits end that it happened so quick and I was greatful to that I could use my phone.


Things I tried that didn't work

  • Pressing the home button 3x
  • Trying to put the phone into emergency mode (I couldn't choose anything on options that had more than 1 item)
  • Going to the settings
    • I couldn't get into the notifications, I couldn't pull them down
    • I couldn't get the phone unlocked due to a password on it
  • Press both volume keys
  • Holding keys
    • Power + Volume keys (up or down)
    • Bixbe key + other keys
  • Telling Bixbe to open settings; it would given my password, but it was still under the lock screen unfortunately. 
  • "Hey Google"
  • Biometrics weren't unlocking the phone.

After Thoughts

  • There must be some stupid key combination that enables it from any screen...
    • I have a hard time believing that I managed to navigate through screens while my folio case was closed while my alarm was going off and I was half awake.
  • I enabled this once on purpose because I wanted Google Now to make beep sounds when I said "OK Google"
    • I wonder if now it's more easily enabled because I did this before? 
  • When enabling it you do get a screen that tells you how to disable it but you won't see that screen after the first time, especially if there's some magic key combination that enables it
    • I'm sure it's different from device + versions.
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