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samsung galaxy s8 blue moving box on lock screen

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my samsung galaxy s8 has a blue moving box on the lock screen and does not let me use my phone at all i cannot use the touch screen at all please help how to i get rid of this 

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I have the same problem with my samsung s6, so I tried to follow your instructions but when I try to tap on that blue box when it comes to the emergency mode, nothing happened,  that blue box keep moving. If you have any other suggestion please tell me.


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Tap home three times and thank Samsung for this software garbage.

You press the volume up and power button at the same time rapidly 3 times and it turns it off.
Thank you, worked perfectly

Unfortunately all these well meaning suggestions are not fixing the problem but only offers workarounds. 


Have anyone found the root cause ?


Galaxy S6 with same problem


The root cause is that helping disabled users is the first priority, even if it means sending into panic anyone else who clicks the wrong sequence. I call it bad design.

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I endured the same issue when my phone, an S8, mysteriously activated Universal Switch. Every time I clicked the screen, the phone, due to the gesture, registered it as me clicking the back button. Thus I couldn't do anything with the phone and got pretty stressed.




What I did to fix this was that I held down Bixby and just said "Turn off universal switch", and it worked.

You can also simultaneously press the home and up volume button to trigger universal switch on and off.


I tried doing this but I am stuck on the part where you enable Emergency mode. it asks me to accept or decline the terms but the blue box highlights both of them in the same box so I am not able to enable it. I am also stuck on my lockscreen because i restarted my phone and it needs my pattern to unlock, which you cannot enter in this mode. Plese help my phone is 100% useless right now.


If you are stuck on the lock screen and can't unlock your phone to disable to settings, try holding the home button down for 10 seconds.

This disabled the setting for me and allowed me to unlock my phone


This did not help my boxes go away. I cannot do anything on my phone. It happened the other day and the technician couldn’t even help me but I did something to stop it myself but I don’t know what it was and right now I am charging it and it is showing the time like it usually does but if I touch it the boxes will start up again.  HELP!

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