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Samsung Galaxy Active 2

(Topic created on: 16-05-2024 12:58 AM)
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So I had some issues with my watch and for some reason, its started doing this after the wearable app alerted me to an update for my Active 2 ...  This update came though either yesterday or the day prior so I permitted the updates that their software stated. 

For the past two days, I have had nothing but issues out of my screen and its odd as the device was just fine prior to the update.  As of now, it "Will" show the little battery icon and the % of charge while on the charger, and it does show the screensaver, in my case a digital clock, once the screen goes off.   However, when I tap the screen or press the button to turn the watch face on, it "Does Not" work and it goes white with lines all through it.. 

Being the watch is technically outdated and has met its end, the warranty is no longer valid. However, I feel as if Samsung could have at least assisted me with undoing the update or assisting me with getting my watch back to functioning status, as it were, prior to their darn update prompt. So while it may be outdated, its still fully functional and with tons of life remaining for my intended usage.. 

I was hoping someone else may have had this experience and may have some ideas on an easy resolution. I literally just paid out for a new phone and feel as if this may be a way of forcing an upgrade but that's just a feeling and belief I've had since its went kaput right after placing a new phone order.. call me crazy, it's just a little too odd and extremely coincidental for comfort...

Any Fellow Consumers that could Help would be awesome... If anyone else has had these issues, please comment and share your similar experience and the resolutions you found, if any.  I am extremely curious on if others have had these same issues.

Any Samsung Support would be greatly appreciated, as the customer service managers were unhelpful, at least past the point of giving me the mailing address and email address of the presidents' office at samsung..  

I firmly believe in accountability and owning up to ones mistakes and being this is a software issue on Samsungs side, I'm hoping things will be honored & they will flash my watch back to normal if and when this report gets escalated up the chain. 

Until then, any help or useful guides would be greatly appreciated. 

Model No. SM-R825U
Software Info:
One UI 2.0
SoftVer R825USQU1EWK2
Knox 2.5.0
SE Tizen 2.0.0
TIMA 3.0.0

Video of Post-Update User Experience

First Poster

I don't have the same exact issue but my Active 2 will no longer charge. I've used three different chargers and none them work. I suspect there was some planned obsolescence. Sad since the watch seems to have a lot of life left but can't charge it any longer.