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Samsung galaxy active 2 overheating



I have had this watch (Samsung galaxy active 2) repaired twice by my local Samsung repair centre and yet it is still overheating once you have been on a call lasting longer than a few minutes, cuts off then comes bk on saying watch cooled...only when using in standalone mode.

This really is unacceptable going what i have read on the the samsung members page Alot of people are suffering thr same problem.

Please can you replace this device as soon as you possibly can, i have been very patient up untill the device was repaired for the second time...

And still the problem remains...

Please help.

Kind regards





Morning @Gman1981 


Thank you for reaching out. I would be happy to assist you further. Can you please confirm if this is only happening in standalone mode? Is the watch running on the latest software version?


The watch is on the latest software version..

It went into croydon samsung centre 3 times.


1st it had a software refresh

2nd time the changed the board

3rd time they changed everything including backplate battery board and the sensor which all produce heat...but this still did not fix the issue.

And yes this only happens in standalone mode.



Thanks for your soon reply @Gman1981 If the issue is still there after a repair I would suggest contacting the Support Centre to re-examine this and find the root of the issue. Keep in mind that due to the current situation, some of our Support Centres are closed, so please contact Support on 0333 000 0333 to arrange a new inspection for your watch. 


Just to let you know...this is the second galaxy active 2 that ive had.

Both have overheated when in standalone mode omce connected to a call for longer than a few minutes.



Hi this is happening to me on my second repair only returned yesterday and had overheated twice on standalone this morning.
Did Samsung send you a new watch?
I am really unhappy and frustrated with the watch.

It actually hurts my arm .. still tingling now 20mins later.

First Poster

Any update about that issue? I'm having it almost every day right in the middle of workout.



It's been back for 3 times. So now it's in the hands of the complaints team. They have collected the watch to go another tech department for a report for them to decide what the next options are as I refused another repair as I have only had the watch since Dec.


Hope that helps not had the final out come yet. I will keep you posted.


We need to reach out to users that have the same problem, I see quite a lot on the FB group




Hi guys. My watch overheats daily. What can be done about this. Is samsung coming to the party on this one. Please advise

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