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Samsung: Cheaper to buy new Samsung Galaxy Buds then have them repaired

(Topic created on: 21-10-2020 08:44 PM)
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On October 17th 2020, I contacted Samsung Customer Service as I was experiencing problems with the right hand side of my Galaxy Buds. I ran through the technical checklist with one of the live chat advisors who determined that I should need to send off my Galaxy Buds to their store in Glasgow in order to be repaired. With serial number added to the case, the advisor didn't advise me of them being out of warranty so I thought they would be taken care of.


Fast forward a couple of days on October 20th, the Samsung Glasgow store contacted me and wanted £99.98 to repair my Galaxy Buds which were less than 3 months out of warranty. Having checked other websites and namely Amazon, I can see that they are being sold brand new with 1 years manufacturer warranty for £89. Why do Samsung want an extra £10 to repair my existing pair of Buds when I could buy a new pair with warranty for £10 less, whilst adding one more device to the ever-growing amount of devices ending up in landfills. I've refused the repair and asked for the device to be sent back to me.


I've already spoken to their Customer Escalation Team who refused to escalate the issue and told me that their repair centres make their own prices up whilst pretending to be Samsung, when in fact they are a 3rd party acting on behalf of Samsung.


I'm wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation to myself and if there are other avenues I can try? I'd also appreciate Samsung to get in touch to discuss this matter as I'm the one currently picking up the phone or sending emails.