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Samsung buds 1 ear pairing fault

(Topic created on: 15-06-2022 07:58 PM)
  • We love our Samsung products, have 12 of them at home. But the Galaxy Earbuds +, have dissapointed, failing on one of the ears on 2 different sets, this must be a product error. Tried all the fixes listed on site, no joy. 
Send them back if they are still within the warranty period. If they are outside of the warranty you can pick up single earbuds on ebay, you may get lucky and find the one you need.

I use the buds pro and they have been problem free other than I think the volume could be a little louder.

Found this on another site, seems to be charging now.......


Follow these instructions and note that the key is to make sure the headphone that isn't working is in the case and showing a constant red light. If it goes green at any point you have to keep repositioning the earbud until it stays red. Also, make sure you leave the case open at all times when charging the earbud. Also, disconnect from Bluetooth before trying.

Here's the instructions and I promise you this will work. I tried everything when my right ear bud stopped working and this was the only method that worked: >

Confirm that the charging case has sufficient power. 

Put the faulty earbud into the charging case and confirm that the red light of the charging case is on and stays on, instead of turning into a green light after a few seconds. 

If the red light turns into a green light within a few seconds, reposition the bud. If the red light continues to light up in accordance with the second step, go to the fourth step; if it turns into a green light soon, repeat the third step. 

When the red light keeps on, wait for about 30 minutes, the charging box will charge the headset to 40% ~ 50% of the power. 

Don't close the case during this time. You can use Galaxy Wearable to pair.

It showed me 76% after doing so for nearly an 1 and half hour . 

Right now i'm having it charged with the case is open and connected to the app so i can monitor its battery and it seems to be working fine