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S7/new galaxy watch + samsung pay

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Hey, Im currently using an s7 (UK) and am about to get the new galaxy watch when it comes out (46mm variant) , ive been using google pay for a long time now but it doesnt seem an option on the galaxy watch? so been looking into samsung pay however im unable to download it from the samsung app store or google play store, it doesnt appear in either stores and i havent been able to find a solid solution online yet.


model number of phone is SM-G930F

Android 8.0.0

 dont know if that helps.


any and all help greatly appreciated in advanced!


thank you.

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Superuser I

Hi @ADevlin


I'm using Samsung Pay on my Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch and it's a solid experience. 


Samsung Pay will be already on the watch out of the box. 


Side Note > When you have the watch and download the Galaxy Wearable App on your phone your able to download other certain apps there too. 



Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-N9860_256Gb SnapDragon 865+

Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.

Thanks for the response, so does this mean I am able to use Google pay on my s7 and samsung pay on my galaxy watch for the same account? Or will I run into difficulties? Is there any reason why my s7 wouldn't allow me to download samsung pay? It won't be so much of an issue if I can split the card between 2 diff apps and 2 diff devices.... 

Thanks for reply, does this mean I can split my 1 payment card over 2 apps and 2 devices? Why do u think I can't download samsung pay onto my phone??
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