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S3 Frontier/Classic - Battery Drain poll...


@johnjensen wrote:

Model number SM-R760
Tizen version
Software version R760XXU2CRH1
How many days/hours do you get from a full charge? 10 hours now, a hole day a week ago same Tizen version
How long have you had the watch? 12 mo
Do you use Always On screen? yes
Do you leave Location/GPS on? yes
Do you leave WiFi on? auto

My watch is back to normal = 30-50% left when I goe to bed. Change watch face to Sportish Elegant.

My still in same condition, im was reading news about that in US they released new fw update that fixes issue un same unpdate released in UK and some other countries but in Latvia still no update, for temporary fix im disable diagnostic data report but that anyway does not fixes issue itself, and if im in future will do factory reset im have to disable diag. report again.
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@thrusk wrote:

I'd like to try a quick poll/questionnaire on experiences of battery life on the S3...


As people only tend to report when there are issues, it would be interesting to hear from both sides of the fence, particularly if you have had no battery issues and owned the watch for more than a few months.


There are clearly a lot of reported cases of drain, but it's not obvious if this relates to the firmware version, hardware issues, installed apps, always-on, GPS/WiFi, usage, etc... There are quite a few who report no issues, but it's not always specified how long these have been used in earnest. My experience so far is I've needed to get a replacement of my watch only 2 weeks after buying from new, noticing that battery plummeted immediately after upgrading firmware so I'm currently holding off any updates until this is confirmed/fixed...


If you've had it repaired/replaced, a response per repair/replacement would be helpful.


Could you reply with the following:

  • Model number (e.g. SM-R760)
  • Tizen version (e.g.
  • Software version (e.g. R760XXU2CRC3)
  • How many days/hours do you get from a full charge? (e.g. 2.5 days+)
  • How long have you had the watch? (e.g. 6 months from new / 3 months since last repair)
  • Do you use Always On screen? (yes/no)
  • Do you leave Location/GPS on? (yes/no)
  • Do you leave WiFi on? (yes/no)
  • Any comments/observations related to battery levels and usage (e.g. use a lot of apps/custom watch faces, infrequent interaction, do a lot of exercise using GPS, serial number ??, when you bought the watch...)


I use only a few apps and have not activated Samsung Health although I do use Steps. I have set my watch to auto dim. I also turn my watch Off overnight as it's not needed to be On then which will help with my usage times.

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As I was not satisified with the result I got after replacing the battery I put my watch on a shelf and did not use it anymore.  Then after approx. 4 month I decided to check the situation with the battery again. I was quite surprised as I could use the watch for 3 or more days without recharging. As I haven't changed anything I have no answer why this happened. In any case I'm quite satisfied with my Gear S3 for the moment.


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  • Model number (SM-R760)
  • Tizen version (
  • Software version (e.g. R760XXU2DSA1)
  • How many days/hours do you get from a full charge? (2.25 days)
  • How long have you had the watch? (New watch purchased 31st Jan 2019, this was replaced by Samsung 25th Feb 2019.)
  • Do you use Always On screen? (No)
  • Do you leave Location/GPS on? (No)
  • Do you leave WiFi on? (Set to Auto)
  • Any comments/observations related to battery levels and usage (Use the  Gear Dashboard watch face with Steps and Battery options on view. Usage since last charge Settings 18%, Watch Faces 10%, Samsung Health 6%. remainder 1%. Battery can use 20% overnight even though the sleep mode is disabled. Initially the replacement watch was doing well almost 4 days between charges but since the latest update it struggles to last just over 2 days. Very disappointed with the battery life on a watch of this price.)
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  • Model number *watch powered down when i tried to open the settings and i still had 36% life...
  • Tizen version * ^
  • Software version * ^
  • How many days/hours do you get from a full charge? *about 4 hours
  • How long have you had the watch? *purchased December 2016
  • Do you use Always On screen? *yes
  • Do you leave Location/GPS on? *no
  • Do you leave WiFi on? *no
  • Any comments/observations related to battery levels and usage *i have absolutely everything turned off. no bt, no gps, no wifi, no notifications from any apps. i have my brightness level set to 10 and watch face always on. at this point its not a smart watch anymore because i have to shut everything off to save battery. and even then, i get 4 hours of life? awesome.
M# R765A
I used to have about 25% after 12 hours, now it's dead at 12 hours
I've had the watch for 15 months
The WiFi is never on
GPS is never on
Always on is always on
I dont really use any apps on it, mostly I use it to control my Spotify

Since originally posting (July 2018), I've happily had a solid and consistent 2-2.5d out of a full charge - until recently; now it's about a day... A year and a bit of ownership in, and battery life has suddenly nosedived. Not sure if hardware or software related at this point (nothing obvious), I may try a factory reset, but thought worth sharing.


  • Model number SM-R760
  • Tizen version
  • Software version R760XXU2ESF2
  • How many days/hours do you get from a full charge? 1 day (dropped from 2.5 days)
  • How long have you had the watch? 15 months
  • Do you use Always On screen? no
  • Do you leave Location/GPS on? yes (GPS only)
  • Do you leave WiFi on? auto
  • Any comments/observations related to battery levels and usage No significant change in use since first posting: Using the watch fairly actively for daily use (time, notifications, messaging), exercise (steps and workouts including GPS) and sleep tracking (Samsung Health). Not using any third-party apps and using standard watch faces, at least until I'm confident the battery lasts for normal use.

A good response to your questions. I am having the same problem. My phone is less than a year old. Battery charge use to be 2 to 3 days but now it can be less than a day. When I have all the data to hand I will add to your research. However in the meantime has any consludion or solution been reached from the results?



  • Model number SM-R760
  • Model SM-R810
  • Tizen version
  • Software version latest R810XXU1CSG4
  • How many days/hours do you get from a full charge? (1day (dropped from 2-3 days)
  • How long have you had the watch? 9 months
  • Do you use Always On screen? no 1 minute time out but rarly goes out for some reason
  • Do you leave Location/GPS on? no
  • Do you leave WiFi on? auto
  • Any comments/observations related to battery levels and usage: originally kept the watch on 24 hrs and it did auto go to sleep. Now tend to switch it off at night. Takes ages to charge. Do different  types of watch face consume more power? Mine is a simple dashboard)


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