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Rubbish software updates

(Topic created on: 22-09-2022 06:18 PM)

This is just really a rant because I doubt anything will be done about it and there doesn't seem to be any way to give feedback for software changes.

The latest software updates to the watch and phone are absolute rubbish.

Firstly, why have they changed the message reply option on the watch to make it so much harder to use? I used to be able to just go into the message, tap the blue button with the microphone and then dictate a reply. Now I have to tap on “Message”, which brings up the keyboard, and then another, much smaller, button for the microphone. So now two buttons instead of one and a smaller button for my fat fingers to try and hit, and while out walking or whatever, it’s not convenient at all. They need to remember that people use these features when out and about and so you need fewer steps and easier buttons to tap, but they’ve made it harder.

Also, they’ve completely messed up the bedtime mode option. I used to be able to put the watch into bedtime mode and it would also mute the phone. It would also make the phone screen greyscale but you could override this but now you can’t override it so you have to have greyscale or turn off the syncing. I have done the latter as the phone is always muted anyway. But why have they removed the override? Why do they make such inconvenient changes at a whim? It’s so annoying.

Plus it was implemented with no warning and for some reason the watch stopped muting notifications completely when on bedtime mode, so I got woken up several times when I was sleeping and trying to cope with symptoms of COVID-19. Thanks very much to whichever of the, no doubt young, developers that thought these changes were a good idea with no thought given to us older folk that don’t find things so easy and with no opt out or override options available. I seriously think they just do it to hack us off.