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Routes with navigation on Watch 5 Pro

(Topic created on: 28-12-2023 09:58 AM)
Helping Hand

I used to own a Galaxy Gear S3 and used Komoot for navigation of my runs. It was a great combination as I got a map indicating even the smallest trails that I had to take.

Now I have a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and the Komoot app on Wearable OS doesn't show the map.

I can export the GPX file and use that to run a route on my watch, but it doesn't work.

First issue is: I don't get a map with turn by turn navigation anymore. I only get a map if I trace back to the starting point. How can I get the map and th turn by turn navigation again?

A while ago I did get a map, but back then there were also some issues. As I am running a tour with the same starting and ending point it immediately states I'm done with my run. How can I restart the run? Is it also possible to just start the run somewhere on the route?

I would hate to have to revert back to the S3 for running 

Helping Hand

Ok, I think I have found something that does seem to work...

Don't go to the route tile! Go to the multiple sports tracking tiles and swipe to running. Then hit the settings and select "Route" as target. Select the route you want to run and you get your running stats AND a map. If you swipe up from the running stats you get your map.

And as stated in a different topic: make sure the starting and end point are not too close.