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Recording pool swimming intervals on the Galaxy Watch 4

(Topic created on: 04-01-2022 02:57 AM)
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How can we get custom interval information added into the data screen list for swimming? eg. interval length, current interval time, last interval time. 

I note that we now finally have the ability to "pause" a session to reflect an interval, see: (

For example, if i want to swim 100m intervals (4 "lengths" of 25m pool) on the 2 minutes , I would like to start the interval (press the back button), swim the 100m at a set pace, stop the interval (press the back button), see how long it took me to swim the interval and see how much time has passed before i start the next interval (rest period) on the 2 minutes.

see interval explanation I am referring to here:

Similar information is already there but refers to "lengths" rather than custom intervals, such as current length duration and latest length duration.

Recording lengths and length times is fairly useless for anyone doing intervals of more than 1 "length" and is aware of the distance swum.

I hope that makes sense. It is how most pool swimming sessions are conducted and i would like to be able to record that.

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Hi it's exactly the same issue I see. Interval training is the base of pool swimming training and comparing what my team mates with apple watch they have a clear automatic grouping of intervals swum plus inherent rest time instead. It's a clear oversight in Samsung Health in my view and at least turn detection seems quite accurate. If resting detection is as good as turn detection, it's just matter of data presentation. Moreover the export to other sync apps failed (I tried in various format and activity socials) and the native export of raw data it's really a nightmare considering how all data is spread between  various databases