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"High Demand" is not an excuse to continue to push my preorder back; and not let me know

(Topic created on: 01-09-2021 03:16 AM)
Poultrey Wolf

I preordered a pink gold 40mm LTE with a silver small band on Aug 12. Was given a expected delivery date of Sept 03. No problem, typically the non-black items demand surpasses supply so Sept 03 makes sense. 

I get an email on August 16th saying my order would still ship by the date on the "my order" page and that "If anything changes we'll let you know". Check the my order page still says Sept 03. Ok.

Same email on August 20th. Same deal as before. 

Get an email on August 25th saying the same except then when I logged in they had CHANGED the date to Sept 17th. So something did change and they didn't tell me.

Contacted support on Saturday Aug 28; asking what was up. Was told my order had shipped and that my order page would update soon to reflect that and it would show the tracking number.

Monday, no update. I contacted support again and was told that there was an error on Saturday and my order hadn't shipped but I should have an UPDATED ship date soon.

Today, my date has now been pushed back to Sept 23rd. I contacted support again am told again "high demand" and am given a $25 voucher. 

I want Samsung to explain to me WHY my preorder keeps getting pushed back when I could forfeit my preorder bonus, and my military discount order from Best Buy and have my order tomorrow. I also want to know WHY I haven't even been told by Samsung that my order has been pushed in an email, a text, a push notification? Why did it take me logging into my account to find out that my order had been delayed. 

It's not so much my order being pushed back that makes me upset; it's Samsung's lack of notification. He'll I'd take a "Due to circumstances out of our control your order has been pushed back" over these crickets.

Am I the only one? SamsungUS

I've just re-read your initial message.... so when you checked, it was showing a different date to what your email said... then it was put back again... you complained and got a $25 voucher....

What do you expect to gain now from this continued crying? Not only do you have the item, you also have a $25 voucher...

You need to learn to let go of your anger and learn to move on... Your life will be so much easier and enjoyable if you learnt how to let go of 'minor' stress...
Poultrey Wolf

I DO NOT have my order. They kept pushing the date back and they've now changed my order status to "back-ordered" once again making a change without sending me an email/text/push notification.  And what good is a $25 voucher when I dont need another brick to charge my phone/buds and everything else is over $25. I want my watch and Samsung to do what they promise. 

Well it's on back order for a reason. Not just to mess you around. You have 2 options, wait and use the voucher as a discount when you buy something or cancel your order. Either way, accept it already and stop stressing. Crying about it will not make one appear...
First Poster

I ordered mine on Sept 8. Got a delivery date id 9/17. Then it was pushed to the 23rd. That's when I found out this was a new watch. Checked 2 days ago & it was pushed to 9/27. Today,  it says 10/5. Had I wanted to wait this long, i would have shopped locally. The only difference is that Samsung has not sent one email telling me the delivery date was moved.