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PRODUCT SUGGESTION WearOS connectivity enhancements to improve battery life

(Topic created on: 14-02-2022 09:12 PM)
A couple of things jump out directly to improve battery life on the Watch 4.

1. Allow the connective functionality between the Galaxy Wearable phone app and WearOS to be achieved via any mode that is active
2. Create an 'allow best option for connectivity' mode that selects WiFi, Bluetooth or Cellular based on battery consumption and availability (least battery heavy option that is available is active, the others disabled)
3. Create an 'NFC Only when screen on', so NFC is restricted when screen is off. User needs to jog screen on to use NFC.
4. Give option for less regular checking (every 10 mins?) on all body measurements - stress, blood oxygen, snoring - between always on and manual for every metric
5. Give more detail on the processes consuming battery life in the Galaxy Wearable app, not just the apps
6. Give an estimated time to empty metric instead of percentage based on average consumption
7. Give an option to only have 'flick to wake' on outside of 'do not disturb' times
8. Give a separate option to reduce CPU usage, so it is not restricted to battery saver mode
9. Automated battery saver mode (kicks in at 15%), and an option to reduce connectivity as a part of battery saver mode

Looks like 1. is already available by Remote Connection.

Looking at my battery usage, 2. would vastly improve things for me (ie cellular turning off when WiFi is connected).