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Problems with Galaxy Watch

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I have a Galaxy watch 42mm. Was paired with S9 and never had any issues. Have since swapped to iPhone 11. Was aware would lose some functionality but nothing I was really using anyway.  I was using watch/iPhone combo successfully for about 2 months, with no issues but over the last couple of weeks I've had 2 problems:


1) the watch keeps losing connection with the phone. Usually this is if I move away from the phone and it can't reconnect when back in range, but sometimes it does it just for fun!  Have disconnected and reconnected Bluetooth, doesn't work, and the wearable app can't locate the phone.  The only way I can reconnect is to reboot the watch, then reconnect Bluetooth but this is happening multiple times per day.


2). My phone rings, I answer on the phone, but the watch carries on telling me I have a call and vibrates, even after I've ended the call.  The only way to stop is to turn the watch off.


All software on the phone and watch is up to date.


Has anyone had anything similar and if so is there a fix please?  



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