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Persistant sleep notification and steps notification issue

(Topic created on: 31-10-2021 12:21 AM)

I have a GW4C and even after having it over a week and it was synced to samsung health (having previously owned an OG GW) it kept on telling me it was the first time I'd reached my step target every time I reached it. I got annoyed at it so I went into samsung health and turned off step notification. So now I don't get the notification but it also doesn't tell me when I reach my target steps for the day. How can I make it so I get one and not the other?

Same with sleep. Every night I get a notification "to measure blood oxygen while you sleep, wear your watch snugly 2-3cm above your wrist bone". I've gone into samsung health notifications and turned sleep off, but I still get it! How come I get this one and not the steps one, or is there another way to turn this off?

ETA: I turned the steps notification back on just to see if it'd be any different today, and I get a notification at midnight that I haven't done any steps today. Well no wonder! I just want it to tell me when I hit my target steps in the day I don't need this other rubbish.