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Pace vs duration problem on Samsung health



I am having a problem with the pace vs duration information on the samsung health app when running. For some reason it shows different numbers for pace and duration for a completed mile, which should not be possible. In the pic below you can see it says I ran a 10 minute 6 second pace, but that it took me 10 minutes and 40 seconds to complete (which makes no sense). I understand why the pace and duration are different for the partial mile (as I didn't finish it, so the pace I was running and the amount of time I spent doing so aren't the same number). Any information would be helpful! I am using the 42mm galaxy watch and the S9, both updated.20200313_234847.jpg





They really are useless and not bothered. I have it on a 1:1 enquiry for 2 months now and they just keep saying they are looking into it.


To top it off did my first Marathon and the watch went from 100% battery to 14% after 1.5 hours. This meant I had to turn power saving on so i lost my run.


But... my mate had his Garmin watch which was brilliant. See below his splits. Exactly as you would expect each mile match.


Think I will just give up with Samsung.


Samsung S9 and Galaxy watch active fyi









Looks like we are getting somewhere. They have acknowledged the issue just need a fix now! 


Is this a recent post? Do you know if it's been fixed? I'm having the same problem AND during my run I had a totally different number than the pace and duration shown on the app after my run.




Yes just waiting on a answer from them as to when it will be fixed. Check out the other post I did with the same subject. I provided them with a Garmin example


Still no update as they continue to be useless! 


Have you heard anything more?

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