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OneUI and Gear S3 Classic high battery drainy



I have been using the Gear S3 for two years and have always been satisfied, until now.


Since I got this update with OneUI, the battery performance is not bad, it is a nightmare.


I usually used the watch like this: Always On display, no wrist movement activation, GPS, Notifications of WhatsApp and other Apps.


As the display was always one of the biggest power consumers, I disabled the display wakeup by wrist movement and so I only had a dimm glowing watch face. This setup made more than two days or up to 56 hours!


So after the update with the same setup and same usage and behavior I can get 12 or more or less.


The strange thing is that the watch is able to burn 25 % in two hours for nothing. You just have this watch at your wrist and at lunch the battery is dead.


I hope you are able to look into it, because reading something of battery optimization in changelog made me laugh. Otherwise I hope that I am able to downgrade my watch, because for now it feels like a cheap copy from China with poor battery life.


Feedback or questions are welcome.

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Thank you for the reply. I don't activated tab to wake, so this is not the solution for my issue. The general opinion on reddit and xda is, that something with AOD is totally wrong and that some or most were able to fix the drain by disabling AOD. But this can not be the solution. I didn't test it.   I charged my watch to 100 % yesterday evening. I had the watch at my wrist over night, where it was in night mode. Over night it lost about 20 %. At 11 am I turned the watch off at 5 %. Overall on-time was 13 h 24 Minutes. That means a battery consumption of 7 % per hour. This value would have been significantly higher if the display hadn't been turned off over night.


I see. Did you check from the phone app which app is most consuming the Battery?

I remember Samsung care centre recommended once to clear the cache on the wearable app and reset the Bluetooth and repair the watch. There could be some something corrupted in the watch/app settings after the update 


Thank you for the reply. I reset the watch yesterday evening and so reapplied the connection between the watch and the phone. The information of which app consumed the most was not helpful as the Settings App was shown as the top drainer. Yes approximately 20 percent where lost while I was in the settings, display on and trying to find out my firmware version and csc code. This was understandable, but most of all the information shown on this page were not helpful. Even when the clock lost one percent battery per minute, the app said I could still use the clock for more than a day. This tells me that the App just have absolutely no idea what is going on in the watch and that the drain is not showing up.


Nevermind I am looking for the next few hours with active AOD. I guess I already know the answer...


I just got the update a few mins ago. I had fully charged my watch last night and a few mins ago before the update the battery was at 54%.

Immediately the update finished, the watch beeped with a low battery warning (6%) and within a couple of mins the watch turned itself off. As I am at work with no charger I will need to wait until later to recharge and then see what happens. Why does stuff like this keep happening with Samsung updates???


Update. Just tried retarting the watch before recharging and it's now showing 49% so hopefully all now OK.
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