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No vibrations for notifications (galaxy watch active)


My watch no longer vibrates from my phone's notifications. The messages still show up when I swipe to see my notifications but my watch doesn't vibrate. I bought this watch specifically because I always miss my phone messages so this is very annoying. This problem started in the past couple months. It began only happening occasionally but now it's constant.


(I still get virbate messages about being active every hour or when I'm disconnected from my phone but that's it)


My watch is 6 months old. My phone is a Sony Xperia.


Any suggestions?

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Hi. Is this the galaxy active or the active 2? I have one and my friend as the other. We thought we were getting the same. The active 2 we have managed to get to vibrate but not the active 

Thank you 


Just the Active. What did you do to get the Active 2 to work again?


For the active 2 the sounds and vibration section I turned the ringtone up to the first setting and then turned everything else off as I dont want the eatch to make a noise just vibrate seems to be working well. Just need to try and get the active to do the same 

Thank you for replying 


Could I also ask what you did when you first got the active for it to vibrate. I have searched the Internet and not had too much luck.

Thank you 


Okay, thank you. I can't really remember but I believe it was quite straightforward. I just turned on Notifications from the galaxy wear app and selected the various apps I wanted notifications from. The active doesn't do sound it was automatically vibrate. Sorry if that doesn't help.

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I have the same problem my active will not vibrate AT All not for notification, ie texts   calls , alarm nothing.  I've tried everything! All setting are correct on phone and watch it just won't work I'm so annoyed 😒 if anyone has any idea of what else I can possibly try it would be greatly appreciated  thanks



I wish I could help you but I have no idea how to fix this problem. I ended up spending a couple hours talking to Samsung support and they couldn't figure out how to fix it so I sent my watch to the Samsung engineers to see if there was a problem with the watch itself. When I got it back (super quick service by the way, I was very impressed), it said that they didn't find a problem and therefore did nothing to the watch but the notifications are working now!


One thing I would say, although I'm sure you've already checked this, is that when I first got my watch I realised that if the phone is in 'do not disturb' mode, then the watch also won't alert of any notifications. Seems obvious but I didn't realise that when I first my watch so I thought I'd mention it.

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