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New to Galaxy Watch Got a Galaxy 4 Classic Battery and heating problem?

(Topic created on: 07-04-2022 06:37 AM)
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Story Time:

This was my first day wearing it to work. I work in a hospital pharmacy so i'm not even wearing it for like ~ 5-7 hours of my day because I do sterile compounding and electronics are a no no inside of the IV rooms under g. Ordinarily I take my fossil watch off and leave it in my top pocket on my jacket (left outside the iv room of course) for the duration of my shift inside and put it on again during lunch or if I'm pulled to another role during the day.

Anyway from the time I left the house and mounted it on my wrist with in the first hour the battery at this point had already drained from 100% down to 80%! I don't have any other apps installed except for Google Fit (because I'd been using it with fossil and I'm hesitant to directly embrace Samsung) [Edit: And Youtube Music forgot that existed] By my scheduled break period 2 hours after arrival an unfortunately early break today, the battery was down to 32%. It dropped another 16% during the course of my hour long lunch! And after enabling power saving it managed to stretch 10% out for 5-6 hours.

I was told this thing was supposed to last at least 24 hours on 1 charge, and that marketing was claiming the spoken of paperweight was supposed to last 3-4 days?

What the heck is up with this watch? My 2-3 year old Fossil Watch Holds a charge better than this device so far and for the price I'm thinking its going back to the ***** store if I can't sort it out which is really unfortunate because I think its a genuinely more ergonomic watch for me. But its definitely not even performing to a fraction of the advertised battery life! I'd love to keep the thing but if its not going to perform as needed or even half passably I don't want it. Certainly a turn off to Samsung products. 


Same issue. Samsung will tell you to basically shut it off when not using it to save battery time - pretty sure I didn't see that mentioned in the advertising. What good is a watch that acts like a phone when you have to turn the phone and texting features off to make it last more than 5 hours?