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New Samsung Galaxy Watch stuck on check your phone to complete setup

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I have got new samsung Galaxy watch. I am trying to set up on my Nokia 7.1 running on Android 10. My Mobile is stuck on Finishing pairing.. and watch is stuck on Check your phone to complete setup.. Can someone please help. I have tried to restart mobile and watch. Triend uninstalling samsung wear app. Removing the samsung watch from Bluetooth and again trying to set up.


Same here.


Phone is stuck on "finishing pairing..." and watch on "check your phone to complete setup".


Have tried a factory reset on the watch, uninstalling the wearable app etc but same deal each time.


Will try a couple more times but the watch may have to go back.


Hi both,


I had a similar. problem with my phone being stuck on complete setup. See here 


ON @TessM advice I tried to setup the watch with another phone and that worked and unfortuantely meant I had to factory reset my S10 to solve the issue between my phone and the watch. 


I did speak to Samsung online help about it and they too were stumped and agreed that factory reset of the phone was the solution. Probablt not what you want to hear but it seems for this 'stuck' issue, reset is the answer.


Thanks for that Folacks - solved the problem.


Have now spent half a day getting my phone back as I want it including setting up all apps, file sync, soft tokens etc...but at least it all now works :smiling-face:


Will now start to search to see if there's a more comprehensive/reliable backup and restore mechanism out there!




Hey Andy,


I totally feel your pain. I really resisted carrying out a factory reset for precisely that reason.


I would love there to be such an app/backup system that literally saves EVERY SETTING on your phone and apps but alas, not happening.


I found the process of having to get my phone back to what it was stressful. It wasn't like when you first get a new phone at all lol.

I fixed the issue by manually pairing the Watch with Mobile.


Mind you, getting a new phone used to simply involve plugging it into the wall and pickup the receiver :face-with-tears-of-joy:

Progress! (Though being able to use full gps on my wrist is amusing :)).
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