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New! Gear fit 2 Pro - Floor counting issues


I live in a Uk Victorian house (high ceilings)

FLoor counting does not work out of the box

The only way i can get my new shiney Gear Fit 2 Pro to count my 12 foot staircase as a floor...

Is to climb on a chair at the top of the landing after vlimbing the 12 foot stairs

Looks ***** and is dangerous...


Please let us Configure some floor counting parameters in the gear fir 2 app so we dont have to do such silly things

all it would take is ...

1 Floor= X Meters Feet

Failing that let us edit or manualy add failed floors


This is very big issue on almost ALL gear fit 2 forums aroudn the world 


Many thanks

PS yesterdays floor coutn got stuck because i climed up at 00:00 lst night not i got 6 floors when i woke up hehe


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I have the opposite problem.  While sitting at my computer doing nothing but moving my hand to the keyboard, I can clock in about 20 floors within a 30 minute period.  By the end of the day, I have like 900 floors, even if I never went up a flight the entire day.

I have the gear S3 and the gear fit 2 pro (for swimming). Ive only just got the 2pro and last night I was running up and down my 3 story house along with my wife (she has an Ionic) like two *****s. 


My S3 and her ionic both counted 26 flights, the 2pro a big zilch, zero.  So wasn't two impressed and clearly something different hardware/software between the two Samsung devices.


I reset it nourmous, but no different, so left it to charge over night. Now both the S3 and the 2pro are counting flights in sync.  How long will it last don't? No idea. 


Is it something to do with the battery level?




I can go from my basement to my attic thats 3 flights of stairs and it not count a single one...your logic is flawed. I've had it since May 2017, the flight/stairs feature workes until right before Christmas. Something happened with an update. 

Agreed I use it for more than just working out. My fit2 worked fine, counted floors and all. I broke it... that's the only reason why I got this mess. #nothappy

I have this same problem today. Until now it has been fine (other than missing a floor here and there). Suddenly today it says I have climbed 49 floors when I have only done 10. And it counted 11 while I walked around my single storey house. Did you find a solution? Is yours still doing it?

I changed a previous Fit2 model   because of the same problem and now it happened to this model Fit2 Pro as well. From May until three days ago everything was fine and now I'm going up 20 floors in 20 minutes.

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This issue was present with my GF2 and now with my GF2 Pro. I am quite disappointed 

I have the Galaxy watch 42mm Same thing, only twice counted stairs  in the local town centre and 29 floors registered whilst waxing the car. My staircase at home is 2.7m needs 3m Seems Sam sung is one of those companies where you report it and nothing gets done. 


I have had my Gear Fit2 just over 1 week now (03/01/19) It does Not count floors accurately, I can climb my stairs at least 20 x in a day it only counts about 3 of them. This function is a waste of space please resolve since its annoying glitch and will certainly influence me buying products from you in the future.
However I am very pleased with lots of functionality of your watch its just this one is ruining my overall satisfaction.

Note: Battery life I'm having to charge about every 1.5 days with brightness set at 2/Inactive time alerts Off, could do with improving.

Thank You.

Well it's been a year and Samsung still hasn't done anything to fix the floor counting so I wouldn't hold your breath. They don't even bother replying to these posts which is super disappointing. 


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