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My Profile on Contacts app

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My Profile has disappeared from my contacts app on my Galaxy Watch 46mm 4g. I have done several resets on my watch and have also reset my Samsung s9 phone and My Profile still doesnt show up on watch. It shows on my phone still tho, all my contacts have synced with the watch and i can still use my watch on 4g and remotely use my phone for texts, calls, find my phone and find my watch all work so there is no issues with my Samsung account syncing with both devices its just my profile vanished.


One UI Watch Version: 1.5

Tizen Version:

Software Version: R805FXXU1FSL3

Knox Version: 2.4.0

Knox Tizen Wearable SDK: 2.4.0

SE for Tizen: 2.0.0

TIMA: 3.0.020200310_124511.jpg


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