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My galaxy s7 edge burned my earphones?

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Something weird have happened to me today.
I was listening to the music while walking home and in one moment right earphones bud stopped to work. It wouldn't be unusual if it werent both my mobile and my earphones broken! Tested both with different devices, both fail to reproduce right channel.

What have I done to test:

  Carefuly cleaned the earphone jack with wooden toothpick to see if nothing stuck inside, got a very tiny knot of dust from the bottom, but it didn't help
  Tested with 2(one with mic and another without) working pairs of earphones
  Tested in safe mode

  Tested on various devices and tried to bend slightly all the weak points in all the directions, also rotate in the jack to eliminate all the possible wire and connection problems. All the same, not even a spike of noise from the right bud.

Earphones are not samsung and are pretty expensive, also they are usual buds and don't come with any additional power supply. The conclusion is only one - my smartphone burned its channel and my earphones alltogether, but it is hard to believe. It must be quite a powerful energy spike and why not both channels? Have anyone ever had a problem like this? Am I missing something?

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Hi @ualogic


I've also used an array of earphones and headphones with my Samsung phones. 


From cheap skullcandy in-ear to expensive Monster Turbine in-ear to now very expensive Bose Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. 


Unfortunatley earphones and headphones do fail over time mainly due to wear and tear. 


Maybe speak with the manufacturer of the earphones to see if you have any relevant manufacturing warranty on them. 


I can't personally see that your phone has damaged the earphones in this way but I'm not an engineer so my opinion is my own. 


Side Note >


For others reading this thread may I suggest that if you believe lint etc is in the earphones jack port on the phone then after using a torch to determine so if you decide to try and remove it then please be ultra careful on how you do this in order to stop any accidental damage being done.

Please do not use compressed air as this would drive debris further into the phone itself. 




Confirmed today with samsung support center, audio jack is burned, luckily I still have a few month of warranty and it will be replaced for free. Regarding my earphones - nobody will replace me those and if my phone in some future will burn a new pair as well I will seriously make a legal claim to samsung for the damage... even though I doubt I have legal right for it...

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