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Low heart rate recorded Galaxy Active

(Topic created on: 27-12-2020 07:56 PM)

I wanted to share a super important story which happened to me and its regarding the heart tracker. I have seen lots of people recoding low heart rates especially when sleeping and reporting as a fault.

I'm a 40yo, overweight but run 5-8k 5 days a week at a reasonable pace. I noticed my heart rate drops to the low 30's whilst asleep and my day resting is in the 40's. When I run my heart rate can get up to 170 depending on how hard I push. 

During a dr session regarding something else, these watch results came up in discussion. My doc referred me to a cardiologist as she was clearly concerned. I had an ECG and cardiologist also expressed concern so had a 2 day monitor and heart scan. Heart scan came up good but the holter monitor recorded similar results to watch. 

I am fortunate to now be under the care of a great cardiologist and they are investigating a conduction issue which could end up in a pacemaker. Not all gloom as they have also said that I don't seem to have any symptoms so may just have me doing regular checkups. Will get the decision next week...

Moral of story is don't just ignore the data, it could bring up some important conditions and the doctors really do take this info seriously....


Interesting... I have had readings as low as 30bpm when sleeping! Came up in a discussion with my sister a while back and she said I should see a doctor but I forgot all about it until I just read your post.



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung iPhone user.

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