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Long walks / hikes

(Topic created on: 07-06-2021 05:59 PM)
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Hi all,

Hoping someone can pass on some knowledge to me..

I have a long walk coming up which should see me continuously walking for around 7 or 8 hours. 

I've tried using Strava from my galaxy watch and also samsung health to track my distance, heart rate etc. Strava I find kills the battery too quickly, which presumably is due to it using the onboard GPS on the watch. Using Samsung health and starting a tracked "hike" from the watch seems to also burn a fair bit of battery, however, I went out for a 7 hour walk the other day and rather than selecting that I was hiking as an activity, I let the watch track my walk automatically while it remained connected to my phone via Bluetooth. I've read that the watch will use the phones GPS rather than the on board one while connected to Bluetooth. 

I'm not too concerned by my phone battery draining as I can charge that from a power pack while walking. But, I'm curious to hear from others on the best way to make the watch battery last as long as possible for longer walks, while also tracking location, distance and heart rate?

Thanks in advance! 
I go for long walks/hiking and I always select the walking workout and it doesn't seem to effect the battery at all. And with it syncing to Samsung health, I got my strava then synced to just the app on my phone aswel. I did run strava on my phone over the weekend aswel as walking work out on my watch and had different results so I'm unsure which one is more accurate, wasn't much off but wasn't the same results. Also keeps screen off on your watch if you don't, screen always on also drains battery
As far as I'm aware, the walking workout uses the GPS on the watch, whereas letting the watch auto detect will use the step counter to measure distance. As one cannot specify stride length etc the auto detect isn't as precise as using the walk workout.