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Left earbud not working

(Topic created on: 28-05-2020 05:26 PM)
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My left ear bud completely stopped working what should I do? 

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Hey @Asia0712! Is anything blocking one of the Galaxy Buds? Try cleaning them to remove any obstruction with a soft toothbrush or a piece of cotton. Also, please make sure that the Galaxy Buds are fully up to date by heading to: Galaxy Wearable app > About earbuds > Update earbuds software > Download and install. Also, turn your Bluetooth off and on, on your paired phone; wait about 20 seconds and then turn it back on. Finally, proceed with a reset of the buds via: Samsung wearable app > About earbuds > Reset. 

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I am havng the same problem, how did you fix yurs?


Put ear buds back in the charged up case for 10 seconds , take out if case and see if it's fixed , if not go to wearables app and under settings press reset 

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Hi Asia0712, Sorry to hear that you're having issues with your Galaxy Buds. Here's a few things that you can try:
1. Place both buds in the charging case for 10-15 seconds, then place them back in your ears.
2. Disable Bluetooth on the connected mobile device for around 20 seconds then re-enable it. 
3. Open the Galaxy Wearables app > About Earbuds > Reset Earbuds

If the issue persists then I recommend visiting a Samsung Support Centre where an engineer can inspect the buds for you. To find your nearest one please check the link below, select 'Mobile Device > Phones, Tablets and Wearables' and enter your post code.


Suddenly, my left earbud will not connect to my phone (S10). In the wearable app, the right one will connect while there is a red "!" by the left bud. This bud will also not emit any sound. When charging in my case, the case will only show its red LED when the left bud is in it (despite having it on charge for 24 hours).


I have tried every single piece of troubleshooting advice including:

  • Restarting my phone
  • Resetting the buds, clearing data and cache from the app, reinstalling the app
  • Chaning bluetooth settings
  • Cleaning and wiping the case as well as both earbuds
  • Holdng down on the buds for 10 seconds (the left bud does not make any noise)
  • Charging for hours with both the case and ear buds on charge
  • Updating both my phone, the wearable app and the buds (buds cannot be updated with only one bud connecting but as seen below, this update began with having the most recent update)


This seems to be an issue many people are having as seen by the forums as well as the news links below:



I am extremely worried as these buds were a birthday present and I do not have the receipt (although I do have everything else including the warranty card and proof they were collected from my local Argos on a certain date - just no proof of purchase).

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I'm having the same problem rn and I've seen the same copy and pasted message by Samsung that doesn't work in the slightest was loving them till now

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I purchased these buds under a year ago and they have worked perfectly up until yesterday; all of a sudden, the left earbud just wouldn't connect. I've tried literally solution provided but to no avail, and I can not reset them because you need both buds connected in order to reset, can anyone help? Provided is what my Wearable app screen looks like, and proof that it does not let me reset. I know that it is not my device because even when connected to my laptop, the same problem persists. I can not get the left one to work at all. When placed in the charging pod, the LED light appears red despite the fact that I have had them charging for a while, multiple times. I even added a small weight to ensure that the bud was pressed down to the two metal charging connectors, but even that did not work. I also reset all of the apps involving them, reset my bluetooth connection, etc. Nothing. Please help ;-;aboutgb.jpggb1.jpg


Hey @fayafayafaya ,


I have merged your thread with this one as they are really similar. Would you be able to have a look at the steps listed here?

Those steps definitely don't work... And it requires both buds to be connected to update according to my phone. So... How can I update if I can't get the left bud to connect?