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Latest update very bad for colour blind users


With the new UI on the Galaxy Watch it seems that very little consideration has been given to colour blind users.


Specifically, when an email notification comes in, its text is in red (to match the icon). On a black background this makes the notification nearly impossible to read. It was fine before the update but is now very hard to see.


IMHO this is very bad UI design as it's clear that no consideration has been given to this element, despite that all DDA recommendations make such elements very clear.


As around 10% of men are colour blind, this seems like a very poor decision. 

@NigelAyres: Sorry to hear that you're having difficulties reading the display on your Galaxy Watch. If you go to Settings > Accessibility on the watch itself you can find a selection of options for the visually impaired that will hopefully improve your experience. You can also go to Settings > Display > Font and adjust the font size and style. I hope this helps.

I realise that I can do this. However, given that I'm (as with most colour blind people) quite able to see most colours and that red on black is widely accepted as a very bad combination (cf any web site design guide) that seems like a very retrograde step. Moreover, it was fine before the latest (badly thought out) UI change. 


I just think that anything which generates a notification with red text on a black background fails at the very simplest level and contravenes any UI design guide ever written.


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