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I dont see any Samsung Pay app for my Gear S2 (UK) ??

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I have updated my Gear s2 to the latest version AND i have updated my galaxy S6 to Nougat (7.0).
I have successfully set up SPay on my Galaxy S6 but I dont see ANYWHERE the SPay app for my Gear S2 ??

What should I do to enable it??

Samsung Galaxy S6 latest version
Gear S2 (Wifi model) latest version
Pin is setup on the S2
Pin and finger print is setup on Galaxy S6

Thank you

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Something I just realised... On my galaxy when I check my install app it says "SamsungPay CH" ????
I had bought my Samsung Galaxy S6 in Switzerland from an OFFICIAL reseller but I live now in UK.

is this the source of the issue? How do I switch into using SamsungPay UK ??

Thank you
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