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Huge Dissapointment!

(Topic created on: 05-06-2020 10:08 PM)
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Hi, I cannot express my true and utter dissapointment with my new Samsung Watch Active 2 purchase this week. 


As I opened the packaging, eagerly excited to have finally been able to afford the Active 2 watch, my eager anticipation bubble of excitement was soon after abruptly burst.


The watch firstly struggled to pair with my Android handset, after 3 attempts, it finally connected. 


Having been for my daily exercise, in the form of a walk, eagerly anticipating if the Watch Active 2 was more accurate in step count in comparison to my previous Withings tracker,  I was devestated to find that having walked almost 3 miles, my step count had only increased by approximately 200 steps since previously leaving the house!!!


The watch regularly disconnects from my phone, which leaves me unable to rely on the device to keep me connected for work calls!!


I am absolutely flabbergasted as to how such a premium brand such as Samsung could possibly release and charge almost £400 for a device which sadly is not fit for its intended purpose.


Absolutely profusely dissatisfied. 

First Poster
sorry but I need to point this out
Disappointed is spelt with one "s"...and it should be eager AND excited not eagerly excited
Apart from that I love the fact you've managed to include Absolutely flabbergasted and Absolutely profusely dissatisfied in a post about how the Active 2 is not up to your expectations!
I am British ....and your post is like a caricature of a typical British person!......made me smile