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How to solve the volume/balance problem in your Galaxy Buds


After 8 or 10 months of use, suddenly and for no apparent reason, the right-side earphone of my Galaxy Buds (1rst gen.), lost around 70% of volume. I cleaned them, unpaired and re-paired, checked forums... but nothing. I was already checking prices to get a replacement when I decided to go a bit more radical. This is what I did:


WARNING: this is not a standard procedure, so proceed at your own discretion. I repeat: it worked for me, but it might not work for you, and there is some danger involved in the operation. So please, BE CAREFUL:


1 ) Remove the silicon tip /ear protector. You'll see the mini grid of the speaker. 

Number 4 in the illustration:

Captura de pantalla 2020-07-28 a las 15.23.37 p. m..png

2) Get a needle. (I actually did it with a pin button from David Bowie :winking-face:


3) With a lot of care, insert the needle in one of the holes of the grid and gently remove the grid. You'll see that it comes out very easily (actually it drops off almost without any resistance).


4) With a gentle stirring movement, clean the interior of the cavity.


5) That's it. Put the grid and the silicon protector back into the tip of the earphone.


I confess I was like 99% sure that would do nothing; even worse, that I just broke the whole thing. BUT IT WORKED LIKE MAGIC!!



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I'm getting co volume in left bud. This is the second time now. Will try your sugestion the live dosent work in the bin they will go.
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