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How to set up and use Samsung Galaxy Buds+ with your Galaxy S20

(Topic created on: 17-06-2020 09:33 AM)
Samsung Pro

We've all been there: we've just bought our new device or accessory, and we can't wait to play with it. But when it's time to use it for the first time, there's always some issue, some complicated setup process that delays the moment of enjoyment.


With Samsung Ecosystem, the process of connecting new gadgets with your Galaxy phone is quicker than the blink of an eye.


So let's see how you can start enjoying the crisp and clear sound of Galaxy Buds+ with your Samsung Galaxy S20.


  1. Ensure the Buds+ are charged
  2. Open the charging case
  3. Be sure your bluetooth is on
  4. Tap "connect" on the pop up window on your device
  5. Finish connecting

It's THAT easy! 


You can now control the equaliser, and other settings, withing your "Samsung Wearable" phone app.


Listen to music on the go, and control your phone with simple gestures:

  • Tap once to play and pause
  • Double/triple tap for next/previous song
  • Double tap to receive and end call
  • Touch and hold to perform user-set function

And don't forget you can always recharge your Buds+ case from your phone, with Wireless PowerShare!


Take a look at how the Buds+ work in the video below.