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How serious is Samsung about Samsung health?

(Topic created on: 23-11-2017 09:39 AM)

Hi folks, hi samsung (if anybody is reading),


I am at the point of getting a new mobile and a new smartwatch / fitness tracker. I'd love to buy a S8 in combination with a gear sport (or gear fit 2 pro). My main focus is sports / health tracking like many others. But after reading reviews and community feedback more and more I am not really willed to go this way, although I'd really love to. I love the idea, how samsung is trying to protect your health data with knox and also think that hardwarewise, they have outstanding products, but here are some dealbreakers for me.


1. I can not believe that there is no way of tracking HIIT / Crossfit / Gym /calisthenics workouts in a good way. All the proposed workarounds (Use "other", Pilates, eliptical, ...) are crap for serious tracking. HIIT/crossfit/bodyweight is a huge trend in the fitness world and it can not be, that the only way are crappy workarounds.


2. How can it be, that there are so many weight scales on the "supported" list, but none of them is able to sync bodyfat / musclemass, whatever... As far as I read, the only thing which is synced is bodyweight and BMI (wohoo...).


3. There is no thing like a roadmap about what will happen in the future. Will there be an update for the Fit 2 to Tizen 3.0? Which features are going to be added in the future? Which devices will be supported? ...?


4. As far as I see, Samsung is ignoring the community. From time to time a Samsung rep appears, answers one question, and then disappears again.


5. If I look at apple for example, they seem to push the whole health thing forward with big steps. I really do not want to buy apple products, but for a health minded guy, it seems to be the way to go.


So the big question ist, how serious is Samsung about their own health platform. For me it seems like a "me too" product which is developed "half hearted" , although they were far ahead with their platform a couple of years ago and although there products and apps have a outstanding potential. But will it be used?


Are there other folks thinking like me? I'm looking forward for any feedback. Thanks.




Does seem strange that after spending a small fortune on Samsung phone and watch that the cross functionality of the Samsung health app is so limited.  A week ago I had a screen that I could select 1 from about 10 exercise options on for my watch then to monitor, installed latest update on 9 Jan and now even that screen appears to be removed from my watch with only auto tracking left which if I look at my watch during the exercise assumes I have stopped exercising.....