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Hope to disable auto sleep tracking - Watch 3

(Topic created on: 25-01-2024 09:13 PM)

I know my watch isn't new anymore, but I'm at my wits' end because otherwise I love it and don't feel like I need a newer model yet.

The problem is auto sleep tracking. I literally can't wear my watch/keep it on in the afternoon/evening while just hanging out at home, because it wrongfully thinks I'm sleeping if I'm watching TV, reading or even using my laptop. So I constantly have to go in and delete fake sleep from my Samsung Health app! I've given up using it at night too, because it'll assume I'm asleep long before I actually am (I tested this by taking screenshots of the time while still awake - often I'll find, next day, that the auto tracking had me pegged as asleep way before the screenshot. And since we're not allowed to edit the time anymore like with older wearables, I have to delete the whole thing because I want the sleep time/hours slept to be as accurate as possible).

So, I wish there was a way to disable this useless function all together, while still keeping my watch ON and on my wrist, to give me notifications, track my pulse/stress etc.! All the other functions which I like, and want to use - just not the auto sleep tracking.

How about letting us decide if we want sleep tracking by setting the watch in night-/sleep mode? That would be so much better, and the watch wouldn't assume we're asleep at all odd hours of the day just because we're not actively walking/running ... !

#Watch3 #GalaxyWatch3 

Big Cheese
Not sure about turning it off, but you can always long press the sleep icons on Samsung Health and remove them so you don't have to look at them!! 😅1706217209723.jpg