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Hi boys/girls who are into fitness training

(Topic created on: 21-09-2022 02:25 PM)

What's the best weight training app that works with Watch 5 pro and at the end of the session that synchronises with Samsung health app 

Most of the high quality apps like Jefit, Gymbod are not sharing data with S-Health
Ta 👋 👋 
Big Cheese

I do not think that you will find a training app that will share data with Samsung Health App. There is the Health Platform that collects data from the different supported devices.

I do not know of any device in particular that might be useful to you, but my advise is to look at the list of devices that are supported by Samsung Health App. Of course this has the disadvantage of purchasing another device, which might not be what you are looking for.

Anyway, if you wish to check the compatible devices, Open the Samsung Health App, tap on the three vertical dots to open settings, Tap on Settings and then on Accessories. There is a list of supported accessories by category. I do not know if any of those will be good to you for weight training, but it is worth a try. Please check the webpage of the device for full specifications before getting one, just to check that it might be right for you.

Thank you very much for giving your time sharing your thoughts, and in relation to my question you are somewhat Wrong

One of the Apps directly share data with Samsung health is GymRun, lovely professional app for weight training.

As you know, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I find their watch app is "not beautiful".. Otherwise its does a fantastic job

So I was looking for, whether anyone of you know any "sexy 😆😆 weight training apps for the watch"

For example, Apple has a useless Health app, but there are more than 34 really really top class weight apps for apple so people hardly notice the Apple Health's weakness

I think it's easier for developers to do Apps for Apple, because there is only One apple watch

When it comes to Android OS, there are many, shapes, sizes and multiple manufacturers so writing an app must be challenging, so most developers do basic watch app to suit any android wearable of any screen shape and size

This is where Samsung should have noted the challenge and should have given us a higher quality built in watch app, for example there is Deadlift in the watch but one cannot add the weight of the lifts, only the Sets, so it's like a Dieat plan app but one can't add what you ate 😆

Now I have Jefit, Jefit to Google fit, Google fit to Strava and Strava to Samsung health, sometimes in life going through the back door is more exciting than the regular front entrance 😆😆👋👋