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Heart rate recording on Samsung Health

(Topic created on: 08-06-2020 08:35 AM)

Urgent help required!

I have an Active Watch 2 and Samsung Health app combined with the watch is having severe issues recording my heart rate. 

I have it on continuous monitoring however I just have the two blank lines where the resting heart rate should be. The heart rate section on the app has stopped recording heart rates correctly. Under trends, the last time it recorded anything under all was 11th May and there is only one entry at 23.05hrs. It used to have an hourly breakdown. All previous data under this tab has disappeared and it is showing completely blank.

I have exported the data to my phone and the full breakdown is provided so it is clearly recording somewhere. 

I have cleaned the back of my watch, reset my watch, deleted and reinstalled the Samsung Health app so not sure what else I can do.

Please help!!