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Heart rate problems with Samsung Galaxy watch


Hi, there. 


I'm hoping to get some help with a couple of issues I'm having with the heart rate monitor on my Samsung Galaxy watch (BF48). 


* Gaps in hr tracking - I'm finding several times a day, particularly when I have a sudden rise in hr, there are gaps in my monitoring - it just stays on the last reading and won't updatenor says the last reading was x amount of minutes ago. If I notice this, it is only resolved by turning my watch off and on which is not only time consuming but very annoying. I'm not always sweating at these times and the watch is always on the tightest notch as I have quite a small wrist. 

* Discrepancies between daily min/max - A few times I've checked my watch the daily min/max doesn't match what it says on the app. For example, today it says on my watch that I ranged from 42 - 151 whereas the Samsung health app shows the range as 34 - 151 with two separate hours where my hr as at 35 and 34 respectively. Which is the accurate reading and why is there a discrepancy? 


Generally I've found my hr tracking data is quite accurate, I've got some issues with my heart rate and when measured with another device, it's been virtually the same.. It comes up with error messages if I'm over 200bpm, which is understandable as I realise that is super fast, but I'd like to feel confident with any readings below this. 


Is there a fix or a reason for the issues I'm having? I'd like to think I haven't wasted $400 on a watch that doesn't actually work properly. 



Thanks for your help, Samsung! Your customer support is incredible......... 🙄

I'm having a similar problem with heartrate monitor dropping out. Is Samsung going to respond to this thread?

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