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Health Anomalies - Getting to know my Gear S3 - with an iPhone

(Topic created on: 08-10-2017 01:13 PM)
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 Hi Community Pepes!

So I went from having a Fitbit to this - the Frontier Gear S3. It's fab..... well it's fab looking... but it's the health thing I just can't get my head around.


Is it different for iPhone users? - I'm noticing some features that are completely missing - without even a note anywhere to this effect... for  example, the SOS text service just isn't there on the iPhone app..... what? That really confused me coz I can't find any verification anywhere in the manual or online. I'm really disappointed too since this was a feature that attracted me.


Anyway, the health thing... what is going on?


On the Fitbit, I can tell it I'm doing a workout and it can monitor the event from the watch or from my iPhone. You click stop at the end, go online, and through a browser on your laptop you can see and analyse your stats.


There are auto settings too - so it all guesses what excersises you're doing - and if the Fitbit gets it wrong, then you can change the exercise online retrospectively and monitor everything you're doing there with ease. The iPhone app is excellent too and there are tons of different kinds of exercises to choose from. Your heart rate is viewable throughout.


Now I have an S3 I'm a little bit stunned.... it's as if I'm missing something..... Am I?


If I go to the gym for a workout, I can't tell my watch I'm doing this. I can if it's just a run... but not a workout. Running is the only thing you can activate manually on the watch. But meanwhile, there IS an auto sensor for a workout - so Samsung do know that this exists as a exercise. The other day I started a workout and it registered that I was indeed doing one... for the first time. The only thing is that I did the workout for an hour - but the watch only recorded it for ten minutes.


There appears to be no online cloud place for this data.... and the app has no edit to allow me to re-educate the system after the event.


And of course the heart rate monitor hardly works. Whenever I try to get it to read my data manually it just asks me to move the watch up my wrist. I've tried tight and loose settings - it just measures my heart rate when it feels like it.... and I'm told it actually turns off heart rate monitoring completely during exercise... which can't possibly be true can it?


After today's two hour walk, my iPhone (using Samsung Health of course) says that I actually only walked for 53 minutes but also that I ran for 27... which I didn't. I don't like that it makes so many mistakes..... and I especially don't like that you can't edit what it has recorded... save deleting the entire exercise.


It doesn't seem to recognise cycling either... basically, the fitness side of this is deeply crap for me - and I can't understand why I'm the only person complaining this much!


Sorry for this long diatribe...  I do love my new watch... but I can't get the support I need and just don't understand it compared to my far cheaper Fitbit. I emailed Samsung about this and they just completely ignored me.


Please help me see what I'm missing. Surely there's something big I'm just overlooking