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Having to charge my samsung watch 4 every day of the week!

(Topic created on: 06-05-2023 02:52 PM)
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Afternoon all. I have a samsung watch 4.  I only use it for exercise and sleep,I have no notificatons or apps running on my watch yet I have to charge it every day without fail. Amyone have a solution to this problem?


Thanks.  Margaret.

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Hi, it's probably due to the Samsung health app running, I have the watch 4 LTE version & I charge my watch every two to three days & that's because I don't have the Samsung health app activated.Screenshot_20230506_145224_Galaxy Watch4 Manager.jpgScreenshot_20230506_145504_Galaxy Watch4 Manager.jpg
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Hi @Members_GyKDsbO  it will though cause more Battery Drain if constantly monitoring health functions,is this the case?   Battery  is stated to last 40m hours with Moderate use,though I never get much more than a day and a half (with regular sleep tracking  and using Health functions though I am not the most active person).

otherwise ideas are to use Power Saver,  ensure Apps are up to date,turn off   unused health trackers,delete the  cache and  close Background Data.   Further information here Galaxy Watch Troubleshooting 

An other idea is to wipe the cache partition:

You should have the battery fully charged before starting this process on your smartwatch.

1. The Samsung Galaxy Watch must be turned on.

2. Now press and hold the "HOME" and "BACK" buttons simultaneously until you see the Samsung logo with "Rebooting".

3. Now release both buttons immediately and now press the home button (top right) quickly one after the other.

4. You are now in the boot menu of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. In this menu you can scroll with the "HOME" button by pressing it repeatedly.

5. Now navigate to the menu item "RECOVERY" and then press and hold the "HOME" button. This will reboot the Samsung Galaxy Watch into Android recovery mode.

6.You are now in recovery mode, which is similar to that of Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

7. Now press the "BACK" button (lower button on the right) until you have selected the menu item "WIPE CACHE PARTITION". To select it, press the "HOME" button once.

8. Now select "YES" by scrolling down and then select the entry with the home button.

9. The Wipe Cache partiton will now be executed on your Samsung Galaxy Watch. This takes a few seconds. Afterwards, the recovery menu is displayed again. Now select "Reboot Now" to restart the Samsung Galaxy Watch. 

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I have the same problem Margaret, I'm thinking it was a bad buy. On several occasions mine has gone dead. My last watch was a Garmin and it would last about 4-5 days. 🤔