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GW6 - Issues with sleep tracking and thrid party apps

(Topic created on: 15-09-2023 12:40 PM)
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I have read some threads about issues with tracking of deep sleep but here is my case:

Been a user of Galaxy Watches for years. I had them all except for number 5. They have all been tracking sleep and working fine with other apps.

My new GW6 (Classic 47mm) however, does track sleep maybe 1-2 days a week if Im lucky and HRV apps like Welltory are struggling to get readings throughout the day.

I was sure it had to be something wrong with the watch so I delivered it to service and it came back OK after testing of sensors etc. This was an official Samsung service provider.

This cant be correct? What is going on here? GW6 feels like a massive downgrade. I can not find any information about this from Samsung? Just some random posts about issues here and there. I'm still not 100% sure if my watch is actually OK or that there still might be some hardware bug and I should talk to service again for a new watch or something.

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It is probably worth reaching out to the app developers for support.

I've had all the Samsung watches and for some reason there are always issues with new releases. I hardly ever get deep sleep or if I do just a few minutes. It's an issue with the latest software not just watch as since I've updated my watch 5, I've got the same deep sleep issues and prior to the update it was fine.