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GW5 display times out after 4 seconds when using Raise Wrist to Wake

(Topic created on: 31-03-2023 01:11 PM)
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Samsung has confirmed that my new GW5 Pro has a known bug which will hopefully be resolved in the next update (I'm currently on UI:4.5 / SV: R920XXU1AWB1). I do not know if this affects everyone or if it's random, but if you are experiencing the issue, when using "Raise Wrist to Wakethe screen will only display for 4 seconds and then goes back to sleep, regardless of your display timeout settings.


Samsung's Temporary Solution

The only way around it at the moment is to interact with the watch and then it will stay on for the set timeout period. Or turn off "Raise Wrist to Wake" and press a button to wake, and it will then stay on for the 15/30/60 seconds you have set it to.

Samsung Members Star ★★
I have the watch 5 40mm. I had raise wrist to wake toggled off and used side key. I just turned on raise wrist to wake, set screen on time to 1 min. Mine also has the bug. Just never noticed as I wake with side key.
To be honest I found the bug to be a benefit on my Pro 5 LTE. I initially used raise wrist to wake to check time and quick look at notifications. However, I soon discovered that everytime I moved it kicked in and started to have a negative impact on my battery life. So now its off and battery life is great again.