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GW4 Update Issues

(Topic created on: 28-11-2022 04:06 PM)
My GW4 Bluetooth was affected by the known bricking issue after the faulty update. Its currently still at the repair centre, and has been for 2 weeks now with the latest update being "parts have arrived and a technician will start working on it shortly". 

I am very disappointed in Samsung recently given their poor attention to detail with firmware updates. I was also an early adopter of the S22 Ultra and plagued with poor performance issues due to poor software implementation. 

I was wondering if a member of Samsung staff would be willing to comment on the current situation and advise how a firmware update was allowed to be released with such little attention to detail when it comes to device stability with the GW4. Bricking of a device is a fairly serious issue and could potentially land it fairly serious trouble. 

Would they also comment on how this will be prevent in the future in order to alleviate its customers concerns and provide some confidence in its future product releases?

First Poster

Same issue on my Galaxy Watch 4 after VI3 firmware update. When I contacted Samsung they told me it would be a chargeable repair as my watch was no longer under warranty. I can't believe Samsung is not taking responsibility for applying faulty firmware and expecting customers to pay to put it right! I also would like to hear what Samsung representatives make of this appalling treatment of their customers.