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GPay (Google Pay) When will it work with my watch?

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Pretty self explanatory. I've gone through a couple of threads and seems like it was working until the end of last year some time? Something about beta firmware? If so, how do I roll back so I can actually use my watch for what helped initially sell me on a "smartwatch" in the first place? NO, I do not want to use Samsung Pay! Well, I would if they worked with my bank. But that isn't the case, is it? Please sort this soon, Samsung. You actually WILL be losing quite a few customers over this. I know I will be moving over if it isn't sorted before it's time for an upgrade .. simple fix, really guys.

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Superuser I
It really depends, if google decides to launch the app on the Galaxy Wearable watches it will be released.

Those things are usually up to the app developers :smiling-face:
Google Pay is not supported by the Watch3. Google Pay is an Android based app. The OS on the Watch3 is Tizen derived, thus not compatible.

The Watch3 supports Samsung Pay but that with a limited number of card providers.

However, in the UK, the recently announced Samsung Pay Card powered by Curve is your answer. This makes Samsung Pay compatible with almost all banks and card providers.

I can vouch for this! Hope this helps! 🙂
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