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Google Pixel 2XL connectivity issue with Galaxy Active2

(Topic created on: 27-08-2020 01:30 AM)
First Poster

Hi! I got an Active2 a couple months ago and I still haven't been able to find a fix--


My Active2 is connected via Bluetooth to my Google Pixel 2, I also have number sharing enabled through Verizon because the Active2 has LTE.



I don't receive all of my calls-- when my watch is on and even when it's off. I've had people tell me that they called and they went to a voicemail box that isn't set up (mine is). Neither my phone or watch ring. 


I've gone to Verizon a couple times and they e tinkered around with my phone/watch connection. They've changed the connection for my watch to "mobile data only" ... I received calls to both my watch and phone for a day or two then it stopped. I went back and we changed it to "Bluetooth only," that worked for a little bit, and then final try we did "Auto Bluetooth" and that seemed to work the best, I'd receive some calls but not all.


Anyone else have connectivity issues like this and know a fix? I'm afraid I'm going to miss an important call someday and the person won't be able to leave a voicemail because for whatever reason the call doesn't go through and they get sent to an unset up voicemail box.


Thanks for the help.