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Glitch in charging?




Yesterday morning, I took my Gear S3 from its charger, and it felt hot, more than normal. It showed 100% battery level, but despite that it barely managed half a day with the same use as I always have (normally, by the end of the day I still have somewhere between 40-60% of battery charge left). I restarted the watch and charged it again. Today in the morning, it felt warm after charging (for sure not as hot as it felt yesterday, not sure if it normally feels like this) but now battery usage seems ok.


Any idea what could have caused that issue yesterday?

It was seated properly on the charger, which is the one that came with the watch (only charger I have), connected using the original power cable.

The watch is just over 6 months old, are there things I should pay attention to?




I will!

Just remembered: there was one thing different on the day before the charging glitch.


The watch had gone into "outdoor mode" during the day. I don't know for sure if it was the first time it went in outdoor mode, but it was the first time I saw it (but I think it was the first time given the conditions in which I wear the watch).

In the evening, it was back in normal mode. 

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