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Gear Watch Pathetic Apps Store


Having the Gear S3, a good watch, but why oh why are the apps for this watch virtually non-existent? Why produce these watches- Gear and Galaxy and then make no effort with the apps? 


Surely others feel the same? Am I missing something. Is there somewhere else we can get apps for the watch besides the Samsung appstore? Are there no plans to improve this? If not, I feel these watches will suffer.


Hi @IT73 ,


Would love to hear any app suggestions for the Gear S3 from the Community that we can pitch at the developers! :smiling-face::thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


Any app suggestions you have in mind yourself?

I like to  browse the apps to see what's about of potential interest. However, it's very thin on anything!


I think a WhatsApp app would be good. Linking notes for shopping lists from phone to watch. Currently uses Google notes, so thought there should be Google apps for the watch. Financial apps, stocks/shares, budget tracker apps. Other music players. 


Just a few ideas off top of head for now.

Cheers for those @IT73 ! Me or one of the other Mods will let you know what our developers say. :smiling-face::thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

Thanks. Obviously apps are not likely to e too user friendly from a watch (not all apps), but essential/useful ones. Tricky to think off top of head, but also Nest or other smart products. Apps where getting mobile out of pocket whilst on the go. Google play store for Wear OS apps maybe a start.

Cheers @IT73 . :smiling-face::thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


The developers have let us know that they've got plans to source more apps - particularly the more popular ones. They haven't given any timescale for implementation though (they never do), so it'll be a case of looking out for the apps as and when they appear.

Thanks, appreciate you looking into this.


No timescale, does this mean next few months or anything 6+, do you know?

@IT73 , No worries. 


Much as I'd like to, we wouldn't be able to give even a rough timescale on this. 

Hi Ant,

I know it's been a year since this post, but has there been any developments with the app store? Personally, I haven't noticed much!
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