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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising

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Hi, is anyone else having this issue with their gear sport or gear S3?

I have had 3 gear S3's and now changed it to a gear sport and am still getting the same issue. 

When I first went out cycling with the gear sport yesterday, it tracked my HR just fine when displayed in the shealth app but since then it is just showing it go up and then a straight line which is obviously wrong. I think its a software issue. The gear S2 does it fine.

See graph 1st use and then whats happened since - before and after:1st use cycling1st use cycling


2nd use and onwards use2nd use and onwards use





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I am on my second new Galaxy watch, and I am having all the same problems as reported in this long thread.  When I am on an eliptical trainer, my HR starts off fine, then it jumps to a very high number that I could not possibly sustain (and that is 30 beats per minute faster than the eliptical is reporting), then it stops recording my HR entirely, until I stop.  I don't know if the problem is sweat on my arm, or motion, or just that the software is awful.  I have emailed Samsung a few times, and they always tell me that a software fix is in the works, but with no notion of when a fix might occur.  Extremely frustrating.


There are numerous people with all different types of watches who have had replacements / repairs and the problem has not been resolved (Source - this entire thread and numerous others). I myself have had a motherboard change and it did nothing. I'm currently pushing for a refund.


All Samsung say it that we shoud wait for an update...that was the beginning of the year and they are still advising the same thing... Ridiculous.


I would advise anyone who is still in your 30 day return window to just get it returned. Don't get stuck like me and many others, being led to believe a fix will come, because months later nothing HAS been done and now i have to fight for a refund. One main part of the problem is that Samsung customer service are useless. I think they are just people they have dragged in off the street who can read and are given a job. It's a real struggle to get them to understand what you are saying. The last phone i had with them lasted 3 hours and i got nowhere.


Return all Samsung devices. To get any reaction from Samsung it takes that they are affected economocally. Therefore I urge everybody who read this post to immediately return their device to Samsung. Unfortunately this isn't enough since the revenue for samsung in these devices are quite low in comparison with the income from thir oter product range. Therefore I ask you to stop buying Samsung products completely. Phones, TV:s, washing machines, refrigerators. Every product you see with a Samsung logo on it. If we can build a large community for this Samsung will, sooner or later, start listening to us. Remember. The only language they understand is money. The word "Customer Satisfaction" seems to be unknown in their language.


Also distribute this on all social media you have access to.


So (not that I'm an Apple fan), but Apple can fix the "chargegate" scandal in a matter of days with iOS 12.1 in beta, but Samsung are completely silent on this........  I have read that so many people have returned their devices, myself included x2


I have this issue also. I have just factory reset my watch in the hopes that it will start working. Next time I run, I will test Endomondo instead of Samsung Health... I am very disappointed that HR works so poorly.


The Galaxy Watch is replacing my Garmin Vivoactive 3 which was awesome with regards to GPS and HR monitoring. Not a single issue.


Hi, this is how my heart rate looks like, in Samsung health and in one another app. I have a Nordic Samsung watch. It seems like the problem is when heart rate I higher. Can it be hardware or software? IMG_20181004_113323.jpgIMG_20181004_113341.jpg



 Replacement watch...  no better



New update came up for me today.


Which update? What version? Did you just go into the Galaxy Wearable-app?

I have Wearable v2.2.21.18080361 and plugin v2.2.05.18092851




Yes checked for update in app.



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