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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising

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Hi, is anyone else having this issue with their gear sport or gear S3?

I have had 3 gear S3's and now changed it to a gear sport and am still getting the same issue. 

When I first went out cycling with the gear sport yesterday, it tracked my HR just fine when displayed in the shealth app but since then it is just showing it go up and then a straight line which is obviously wrong. I think its a software issue. The gear S2 does it fine.

See graph 1st use and then whats happened since - before and after:1st use cycling1st use cycling


2nd use and onwards use2nd use and onwards use





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Went for a run today. Heart rate monitoring stopped again, seemed to stop after the first auto pause happened...which is what we have observed before.Yet another workout where heart rate stops recording...sighYet another workout where heart rate stops recording...sigh



Hi DKBabs,


There is no timeline for a fix.

The devs have not even acknowledged they are going to fix it yet.

Looking back through my workout history this has been a problem since I started using the device back in January. I had sort of hoped that one of the earlier threads that reported this would get the problem fixed but no one got anywhere. That's why I'm pursuing it myself here.

So in short, as far as I know the problem has been present for at least 6 months and nothing has been done.

If I was in a position to return the device, I would return it.



I had a gear fit 2 with the same exact problem. See screenshots. I just got a gear sport and I am about to find out if this behaviour is repeatable. Let's hope that this not the case...I was also using PEAR sports with 70% success in HR. Some workouts were also "not consistent".Screenshot_20180622-005135_Samsung Health.jpg


Screenshot_20180622-005153_Samsung Health.jpg



Hi Dimigr,

Firstly, thanks for your post.


Unfortunately the issue effects the Gear sport, Gear S3 and gear fit 2. They all run similar software and i believe the problem is caused by the Samsung health app on the watch.

I myself own the Gear sport and i have had the issue since January.


As i've mentioned before, using a third party app called 'gear tracker' (from the galaxy store) to record your workouts is a temporary fix until the Samsung dev's decide they are going to bother fixing this.


I have had my Gear Fit 2 for just over a week and looking back over my cycling tracks I have noticed my heartrate flatlined everytime - with the exception of my rides yesterday when my heartrate readings recorded correctly. 


Curiously, heart rate readings have always been fine with tracked walks and other excercises.




Thanks to the recent new members for coming forward with your experiences. The more people that step forward, the more likely a fix will happen. I would urge anyone else that sees these posts, if you are having the same issue, please just comment, its very easy. Screenshot below of a ride i did yesterday again. Many flat lines. Not very good at all!Screenshot_20180622-074222_Samsung Health.jpg


Come samsung you have to do something about this....

Please can the devs be chased regarding this...

We haven't even had confirmation that they have identified a problem yet let alone that they are working on a fix.

It wouldn't surprise me to find out the devs are too busy working on getting the software ready for the upcoming gear s4...


Here is something fun, as I find no issues when I don’t select a ride though Shealth and use a chest strap when doing a longer ride and record through Strava on my phone I thought it would be interesting to see how the chest strap does compared to auto-detect with continuous HR. I forgot to unpause Strava for the first 15 min so that is marked the Shealth area in yellow is not in the Strava on just ignore it.





Shealth Auto (Yellow Area at Start whereI for forgot to unpause Strava and End is after I ended the ride on Strava.)



So, the area not that tracks the same Data you can see the HR when using continuous tracks petty well to my chest strap for a wrist HR and shows the watch can do good HR data if Samsung fix it. I am hoping for a fix before the S4 as I only got the S3 as a warrenty replacement when my S2 had a Fault and I have seen the way Samsung drop support for the older model once a new one comes out so if this issues doesn't follow over to the S4 and it's not fixed before that release I worry it won't be at all.


Also last week I tried to use Shealth to track a walk and same issue with the HR as cycling, on the way back used auto-detect and HR data was good through auto-detect. Auto-detect doesn’t give much info though just HR and length really so not great overall.



Thanks for that lilith14,

Yes so it is definitely a problem with manual recording a workout and is not present in the auto detect type of workout (as long as you have continuous HR detection on).


You'd think with this issue being multi device and multi region it would be looked into and fixed pretty fast....

*Sigh* talking to you Samsung!

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