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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising

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Hi, is anyone else having this issue with their gear sport or gear S3?

I have had 3 gear S3's and now changed it to a gear sport and am still getting the same issue. 

When I first went out cycling with the gear sport yesterday, it tracked my HR just fine when displayed in the shealth app but since then it is just showing it go up and then a straight line which is obviously wrong. I think its a software issue. The gear S2 does it fine.

See graph 1st use and then whats happened since - before and after:1st use cycling1st use cycling


2nd use and onwards use2nd use and onwards use





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Same to me this morning.

The continous measurement showed no HR during the 30 minutes walk.

I did several manual measurement during the same walk and all of them were successful.

Additionally I think, Samsung does not support the Gear S3 anymore as there is no progress even a lot of persons have issues with the HR measurement.

Yesterday I did a 3 hour bike ride and recorded my workout using the gear tracker app. As you can see, HR monitoring was correct and continuous throughout the entire ride. Again, I have still had 100% success using this third party app.

Samsung really need to sort out the Samsung Health app on the watch.

This thread is really heating up now, Thanks to everyone for your input!


Samsung need to sort this out.

Any update mods?HR data recorded using the gear tracker app, uploaded into Strava.HR data recorded using the gear tracker app, uploaded into Strava.



Celiawheelia, these double HR values happened to me as well, multiple times, even though I've been using the watch only for a few days. First I thought that it simply shows a higher value, but after some time it was hard to ignore the pattern that the value seemed to be almost exactly double of the actual. And if my memory serves correctly, manual measurement corrected it for me too.


I think in my case it usually happened after I was moving my arm and doing some normal activity. As I mentioned above, for example it happened once after cutting vegetables and cooking. :smiling-face:


Did a ride with the Gear S3 last night, first one was inaccurate, HR way to high considering most of it was downhill. Coming back, reading was a joke 80bpm for an uphill climb. See below




Used my Gear S2 this morning and as with every ride with the S2, it was perfect, see below,Screenshot_20180708-095520_Samsung Health.jpg



Any update from samsung @AntS ?


Seems to me they are hiding something considering the first time you contacted them, they replied right away!




I think the problem is more complicated to fix than what we imagine and Samsung are not prepared to put the resources into fixing it. Most of their resources will be going into getting the upcoming gear s4 watch ready for retail.

The problem also requires a bit of effort as you actually have to do a workout with the watch ie. Leave the office and go out for a run / ride, probably on multiple occasions to build up some data and replicate.

I'm not saying the time they have taken is justified and it is ridiculous that they have not acknowledged the problem yet.


I took my watch to the authorized Samsung and they returned me saying that it was corrupted software, I went to the store to get my watch after 4 days. Arriving there I did the same test of only moving the arm with speed in front of the receptionist, again the heart rate was up to 180bpm. She apologized and told me to leave the watch that they would check again.


Can we have an update mods?


We seem to be getting ignored...


Yes mods, please can we have some information about what is happening??? 


This product is being replaced by the Gear S4/Galaxy watch and Samsung clearly doesn't care about existing customers of their products.


I did 3 rides since July 4th, all HR data is garbage.  I'm tired of posting details trying to give as much information as possible when all the time and effort is ignored.  I would love to assist in any way I could if there was feedback from Samsung.


I agree with Ned7077. There does not seem to be any point in our testing and efforts to provide Feedback to Samsung that there is a problem with how the Gear series measures HR. We know there is a problem and Samsung is ignoring us. I think the main question now is what are our options. I've been trying to download "Gear Tracker", but I can't find it from my iPhone. Today, I read about another app called Run4Gear and it's iPhone equivalent  Run4GearUnleased.

1) So one option is to use a different app that bypasses the Samsung software.

2) Another option is to get away from wrist measurements and start wearing a chest strap for any real exercise and just use the watch for walking around (although I still have seen problems with light activity - So much for a the name "Sport"!)

3) Try the arm band - I've read favorable reviews of the Scoche armband (that uses the HR technology from Valencell).

4) Switch to a different smartwatch or fitness tracker - I've been reading about Garmin, Fitbit, Suunto, etc. I'm curious about the smartwatch that also incorporates the HR technology from Valencell (Suunto), but their user interface seems to be a limitation.


I'm undecided at this point. I may try a chest strap, in part because after my experience with Samsung I'm not sure I trust the optical wrist method. Maybe using a chest strap combined with a separate app like the Gear Tracker (or similar) for exercise might be an option. However, at this  point, I'm not sure I trust the Samsung HR hardware. I think they designed an approach that utilizes less power (e.g. slower data acquisition rate) to compensate for the large power consumption of the OLED display.


But, again, I think it has become a waste of our time to try presenting data to convince Samsung of a problem. In fact, I think it may always have been a waste of our time (back to my comment of going to a different watch manufacturer).


Any ideas of how to get Gear Tracker in my watch via an iPhone would be appreciated! Or, any information about Run4GearUnleashed.




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