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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising

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Hi, is anyone else having this issue with their gear sport or gear S3?

I have had 3 gear S3's and now changed it to a gear sport and am still getting the same issue. 

When I first went out cycling with the gear sport yesterday, it tracked my HR just fine when displayed in the shealth app but since then it is just showing it go up and then a straight line which is obviously wrong. I think its a software issue. The gear S2 does it fine.

See graph 1st use and then whats happened since - before and after:1st use cycling1st use cycling


2nd use and onwards use2nd use and onwards use





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Today I had another success using my process initiating a run and having good HR readings throughout. Screenshot_20180702-134634_Samsung Health.jpg



As you can see. 

If you didn't see my post,it was on Saturday 30th June 2018. 

I watched my watch like a hawk during my run and interestingly, the first time my HR went above 175 the reading dropped off temporarily and my watch showed -- once my HR came back down slightly it picked up again. The second time my HR went up above 175 it recorded it without any issue and I didn't lose reading again. 

Has anyone using their watch for cycling tried my initial process? And/or noticed this reading issue with HR above 175? 

As a note I did have auto pause on and when it activated (once) on the screen the heart rate was still showing a number rather than  -- 



Unfortunately I went on 2 mountain bike rides, Friday and Sunday.  As you can see below the HR data is garbage.  I did not change my settings from my "successful" ride from last Wednesday.  It was considerably hotter here than it was on my Wednesday ride so I was sweating a lot.  I've heard some people discuss sweat as a possible issue.  I'm not sure of any more data I can provide to help Samsung fix this issue.  If anyone has suggested settings to try or other ideas I'm all ears.

Settings I used, workout tracked with the native S-Health workout tracking on the Gear Sport

Cycling Autodetect: Off

Auto HR Settings: Always

Workout Type: Cycling

Target: Basic Workout

Auto Pause: Off

Location: On

Started manually

Friday RideFriday RideSunday RideSunday Ride


I have been using my gear S2 for exercise with all the latest updates on and thats recording my workouts HR just fine, every time. It seems to be an issue with any devices Gear S3 and above..... 

I think the trick is making sure the HR is reading before you start the exercise. If you see my reply from Saturday 30th June it might help?



I always have the HR reading before I start my bicycling.  I have had my HR set to Always for over a week now, it has given mixed results.  I did see your post, thank you.


Hi CeliaWheelia,


I have tried your settings and unfortunately it has been hit and miss for me. I always make sure there is a heart rate reading before the workout and this morning i even tried getting a heart rate reading on the widget before i set off... it made no difference.



The sweat reason doesn't make sense. As switching to another app (gear tracker) makes my workouts be recorded correctly every single time. It's only when recording via Samsung health on the watch do i encounter HR problems.


Any updates Samsung?



The sweat was another factor I saw mention of (maybe on the US forums).  I'm sure it is not a valid point either.  I'll find out for sure tonight as I play tennis tonight in 90+ degree Farenheit  heat.


Went for a run this morning and yet another prime example of this watch not doing what it should do. 

Recorded via Samsung health app on watch.

HR was recording at the beginning and it was also working on the widget.


Samsung, how long do we have to put up with this watch not doing one of the advertised features?Manually recorded run workout...Might as well not have the HR functionManually recorded run workout...Might as well not have the HR function


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I am on my second Samsung Gear sports. And I am currently having a problem when it comes to tracking my heart rate during the cycling moment. It does not matter if I have my phone or me or if I don't it does not track my cycling after the first two to three minutes or just flat line. I really would like some help on how to figure out what I can do to stop this issue from happening because I really do like the watch but if it doesn't perform or act the way I needed to for $300 I want unfortunately switch it to another brand. So if someone can help me or no a trick that I could do that would be super helpful thank you so much for your support.


Hello to all,  looK  this,  I have a gear sport. 

By it about 30 days,  I realized that if I move my arm quickly as if I were running the heartbeat of the CLOCK arrive at incredible 160bpm, but in fact I did not even move my body I just moved the arm and I simulated a race.

Another problem is that in the middle of the race THE HEART MONITOR stops at some beat and only comes back at the end.

Anyone had the same problem? Really disapointedScreenshot_20180704-114705_Samsung Health.jpg


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